Huggins High School Science Seminar

Every year, we invite talented high school students like you to join us for an action-packed day of interactive and engaging presentations. At the Huggins High School Science Seminar, you'll learn about different paths to becoming a scientist, and how science can help you to look at everyday life with a different perspective. 

Established in 1986 by Dr. Charles Huggins—Acadia alumnus, Chancellor Emeritus, and Nobel laureate—the seminar will introduce you to advances in science and technology that can offer you exciting opportunities for involvement in the future. Topics vary from year to year, and cover a range of different sciences and interests. The seminar is designed for high school students, grades 9-12.

In our 2018 seminar, we discussed pseudoscience, brain science, and food science. We'll also left the lecture hall for group activity sessions involving chemistry, kinesiology, and more.

Details about the 2019 seminar will be released in Winter 2019.

Featured presentations:

  • Pseudoscience — Dr. Matthew Lukeman shared examples of junk science, sketchy claims, and how to think critically about these topics.
  • The Future of Treatment For Brain Disorders — Dr. Anne Sophie Champod took us on a journey into the not-too distant future as she explores the field of neuropsychology and the development of technologies used for the assessment and treatment of brain disorders, including virtual reality and gaming apps.
  • Delicious 3D Printing — How could the world change if we could cook without a kitchen? Food scientist Dr. Matthew McSweeney discussed the experimental world of food printing.

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