Schedule (2019)

Check-in at KC Irving Environmental Science Centre (KCIC). Schedule subject to change.

8:30 am Arrival and Check-in Begins [KCIC]
9:00 am Welcome
9:15 am The Sky is Falling! Or is it? Using Science to Separate Fact from Fiction
Dr. Matthew Lukeman, Chemistry
10:05 am Morning Break
10:20 am Psychology in Everyday Life
Dr. Randy Lynn Newman, Psychology
11:10 am Physics Fact or Physics Fiction? Deciphering Some Physics Misconceptions and Untruths in the Age of Information Overload
Dr. Anna Kiefte, Physics
12:00 pm Lunch [Wheelock Dining Hall]
12:50 pm Debunking Nutrition Myths
Prof. Barb Anderson, Nutrition and Dietetics
1:40 pm Are Plastic Bags a Problem?
Dr. David Duke, Environmental and Sustainability Studies
2:30 pm Wrap-up and quick break
Move to Elliott Hall
2:50 pm Chemistry In Action!
Dr. Vlad Zamlynny, Chemistry
3:40 pm Departure from Elliott Hall